rv storageThere are several factors to consider when looking for RV, camper storage.

A good starting point is to measure the length, width (including mirrors) and the height (including A/C, etc.).

This will allow you to have the complete measurements in front of you while you compare prices.

Take into consideration that the mirrors may retract closer to the RV, therefore reducing your width measurement.

As you research for storage, you will find varying lengths, heights, and widths of storage units. I like to give myself just a little more room for easy storage.

The last thing you want to do is to rip off one of your mirrors because your unit is to narrow or clip your AC unit with one of the support braces.

Get a unit that you can be comfortable with and gives you plenty of room to make those last minute driving adjustments.

Also, take into consideration if it has electricity which can be used for keeping your battery charged as well as spot cleaning?

Is there adequate lighting for use when packing for your next trip? Are you able to extend your pull-outs without having to move your RV? Is this a pull through unit or back in only?

These are just a few things to consider when looking for Covered Storage for your RV. Rosehill Storage will have their new covered storage units completed during the 4th qtr of 2011.

Happy RV’ing